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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Great Online Dating Profile Sample For Men

I receive many e-mails from my male reader audience asking me how to increase the response rate on an online dating site. Granted, the quality of photos on a dating site is important, if not critical for getting more and better quality responses. Yet, a well-written dating site profile is equally important once you get pass the photo test. You would be surprised how many men get a writer’s block when composing an online dating profile. Even the most eloquent men may become speechless when it comes to writing a dating profile. What to write? How to describe yourself without bragging? How to present yourself in the most favorable light? First, click on Match.Com 15% Discount and register to look at other members' profiles and to get an idea of what other profiles say. It'll open in a separate window. Once you get an idea, come back and read this article to customize your dating profile with these helpful tips.

Many men seek help from professional dating coaches, whose full time job is writing dating site profiles, and helping singles communicate with others via e-mail. Take for instance Evan Marc Katz, a dating coach and an author of I Can't Believe I'm Buying This Book: A Commonsense Guide to Successful Internet Dating and Why You're Still Single, who has made teaching singles how to get more dates online his full time job. The prices to hire Evan Marc Katz for creating a custom dating site profile alone start at a thousand dollars and depending on what kind of package you choose go up from there. Granted, Evan Marc Katz is a fantastic writer. His writing style is light and breezy and the kind of profile he will write for a client will blow you away with his sharp wit and creativity.

But wait! Isn’t it supposed to be you presenting yourself in the best light, and not a “ghost writer” behind those eloquent dating profile and glamour pictures? I guess the main question here is once you meet your date in person, can you really measure up to the expectations your date has that have been pre-established?

I think this is actually quite possible. The key is for your online dating coach, whoever you may choose for this role, is to get to know you a little bit; to get the feel of who you are, if you will. If you have been subscribing to my blog feed, you probably know that I help people compose their dating profiles. I receive inquires from men all over the country asking me to review their dating site profiles and for my advice. Many men and women come to my blog looking for an actual dating site profile sample. While it is simple to find hundreds and thousands of dating profile samples on actual dating sites, single men and women are specifically looking for a good, if not great dating profile sample.

With that said, I have decided to share with you a dating profile that I have written for one of my male friends, who in fact is a writer and a business owner. Warning: since I posted this dating profile sample on here, hundreds of men have copied it for their dating profiles. Result, lots of infuriated females writing to me to say that guys misrepresented themselves by plagiarizing my article for their dating profile. When women googled those thieves' dating profiles they easily found the source. So, it is up to you but I don't suggest copying it especially because this dating profile is customized for someone else. Nevertheless, here it is.

Being a writer, a poet and a screenwriter as a few of my professional and creative outlets, I suddenly have a writer’s block. How can one summarize the depth of character, the inspiration, the desire, the things that are exciting, in a short synopsis designed to express a personality that is multi-faceted, strong, yet sensitive, practical but romantic, entrepreneurial yet artistic? How can one convey the life experiences, the beloved destinations, the inspirational triggers via an electronic form letter? Excitement about life cannot adequately be expressed in the written form, nor can the anticipation of finding the one to share yourself with and hoping for the same be communicated in such a simple format.

Walking the cobblestone streets of Paris and practicing your French talking to the multiple little store owners, exploring the unspoiled ancient feel of Greek ruins, making your way across the endless Venetian bridges to discover the intimate details of the city, driving a Ferrari along the coast on a deserted road and listening to the revving sound of the engine, sipping Margarita while listening to the waves crash against the shoreline in Hawaii; so many exciting things are best shared with someone special. Seeing her across the room in a crowded restaurant at a charity fundraising event and suddenly realizing that no one else exists but her, surprising her with flowers or sweet thoughts for no special occasion and dedicating a song to her that everyone else will hear and admire, but only she will know the deep meaning of each note.

She is the muse, the beautiful sonata, the romantic soul. A wonderful woman with a special spark in her eyes and a genuine smile that lights up the room when she enters it. She is sensitive, appreciative of finding each other, generous with her feelings, accepting of mine, and trusts my integrity as I trust hers. Her professional inspirations, growth, depth, insight and ambition has made her strong, yet she has ample room in her heart to be filled with love, passion and devotion. She is in search of a man who will treat her like a lady, who is open and honest, who is not into games or ill intent, chooses kindness and understanding over judgment and whom communicates his feelings without expectations, hoping that one day she will love him back.

Since publishing this dating profile, my friend has received literally hundreds of positive responses (and one unsolicited negative response). Women have been saying things such as “this is the best profile I have ever read on a dating site”, “I cried by the end of third paragraph”, “You had me at hello”, etc. Women have admired the romantic spirit conveyed through said dating profile, and its articulate writing style.

However, I must say that when composing this dating profile for my friend, I took into consideration his personality. In fact, I tried using the words and phrases that my friends uses in his speech and writing. Thus, when he meets a woman in person, she will not know the difference. I guess, writing about yourself may sometimes be challenging, so if you have a writer’s block, ask your friend to describe you. But please, remember, do not say in your dating profile something like this “my friends would describe me as …….” This kind of language sounds cheesy. It gives a signal that you are not sure about yourself and your good qualities. Simply ask a friend to write a paragraph or two about you and then re-write it yourself.

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Yahoo! Personals

If you don’t want to answer all of those questions when you register, you can leave them out and comeback to them later if you decide to do so. One significant feature that this online dating site has that separates it from all the other dating sites is a “must have” feature, whereas you can say what the integral things in the person you are looking to date are.

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According to many reviews, has features and fun approach that sets it apart from many other online dating sites. lets users choose between three options: dating, relationships and intimate encounters. You can create a separate profile for each department.

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