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Thursday, August 28, 2008

How can I make my boyfriend make a marriage commitment?

How can I make my boyfriend make a marriage commitment?

If you are like most women, you probably want to make your boyfriend become committed to you as soon as possible, move in together and get married. But for some reason, your boyfriend is not ready for commitment, or so he says. He makes all imaginable excuses not to commit to you. You may even be exclusive, and a couple, but he does not want to take things to the next level, is not asking you to move in with him and is not proposing you. But you are pretty sure he loves you and you want to make your boyfriend commit to you, or at least move things toward a more committed stage.

So, what exactly is commitment to you? What type of a committed relationship do you want? What do you want from your boyfriend and how do you paint a picture of a committed relationship?

See, the problem for most women who struggle with commitment is that they do not understand how the process of commitment and a committed relationship works. Because they don’t realize what commitment means on a deeper level, the mechanisms of commitment and what commitment means to a man. Many women feel that they are in relationships with commitment phobic, while the same man who was perceived as commitment phobic may very well fall in love with another woman and marry her fast. So, why do men love some women and not others? Why do men commit to some women and not others? Why do men who date women for a long time never see their girlfriends as commitment material? Have you ever thought why you seem to attract men who are gun shy of commitment? If you find yourself in one relationship after another and not being able to have a man commit to you and to propose to you, perhaps it is not the man who is commitment phobic, but it is you who is not commitment material? Click Here to learn more.

Monday, August 25, 2008

How to Stop Your Boyfriend from Going on a Dating Site?

man picture on match.comWhat if my boyfriend is on an Internet dating site? How do I stop my boyfriend from going on a dating site?

There are times when you may find your boyfriend go on a dating site. You may even catch your boyfriend checking his e-mail he is getting from a dating site every single day, or may catch him online on a dating site for an extended period of time. What does it mean when your man is checking out dating sites and how can you stop that?

The answer is not as simple as you think. First, it really depends on the situation. Did you meet via a dating site and have closed your profile while his profile is still on the same dating site? Or have you been dating for a while and someone, such as your friend directed you to a dating site after your friend found your boyfriend’s dating profile on it? If you have met via a dating site and have gone out on a few dates, do not rush to give your man an ultimatum. A man can be on a dating site for a variety of reasons. Maybe your relationship is too new and he is not ready to completely commit to a relationship with you just yet.

Checking out his e-mail on a dating site means nothing. He may be doing it out of curiosity. He may just be allowing his dating site membership to come to its end. Whatever the reason is, if he is still on a dating site that does not mean he is actually contacting other people or is going out on dates. Here is the thing. You cannot force him to stop dating other women. It should come naturally. If he wants to meet and date other women, he will do it regardless of whether he has a dating profile on that you know about or not. But if he likes you enough that he does not want to see anybody else, having a dating profile up and checking up on it every day will not make him go out and date other women.

If fact, when I and my boyfriend started dating, we were both still on I had just gotten a professional camera and asked him to pose for me. This picture in this post was one of the few I took of him. I suggested that he post this photo on his dating profile as his main picture to see what kind of responses he’d get. Needless to say, the number of hits on his dating profile increased almost instantly. But that doesn’t mean he went on any other dates even though he was still on In fact, I was curious and he let me take a sneak peek at his e-mails he was getting from women on

What it really comes down to is whether he is ready to commit to seeing just you. More about men and commitment Click Here.

One too many times I read dating advice on how to stop your boyfriend from going on a dating site. And every time I read something to that affect, it angers me. You cannot possibly force a man into commitment.

Now, if you have been with a man for a long time, in fact if you are in a long term relationship and have just found out that your long term boyfriend is on a dating site, or have just recently opened a dating profile, that means your relationship has taken a hit and he may be looking for a way out.

I remember updating my dating site pictures on and getting an e-mail from a man I instantly recognized. The e-mail said, “Hey Babe. I love your profile and pictures. Wanna get together for a drink?” I instantly recognized the photo of the man. He was my best girlfriend’s boyfriend she’d been dating for ten months. He did not recognize me because we had only met briefly once and it was a long time ago. I wrote back to him saying “Have you and Jennifer broken up?”

The e-mail I got in response said the following:


I had a strange feeling it might be you, but at the same time it does not look like you at all.

Jennifer and I have been on the edge recently since she has been struggling with what we both want and the directions we want to head. I just reactivated today just to see what was going on out there.

It was a risk on my part since we have not stopped seeing each other "officially" but evaluating the relationship.

Here is what I am going to do, I am going to hide my profile and stay off the site, since it is really not fair to Jennifer because we are still seeing each other.

Would you promise me not to say anything to Jennifer since I just re-activated today and I will promise to stay off the site if and when we "officially" break-up. It would hurt Jennifer right now to know I had done this today. I believe that is fair, do you agree?


Two minutes later I received a phone call. It turned out, my girlfriend had previously called me from his cell phone and he had my number in his calling records. He sounded full of fear.

“Please, don’t tell Jennifer,” he said. “I only got on today to check it out. Our relationship had not been going well. She’s been going back and forth not knowing whether she wanted to stay or break up. I am not sure if we are going to be together or what and I just wanted to check out what was going on with and got on out of curiosity.”

I said, I had already forwarded the e-mail to my girlfriend and it was too late. Sure enough, his profile on instantly disappeared. He did not want his girlfriend to find it.

The reason their relationship was not “going well” was because she apparently wanted more of a commitment out of him that he was willing to give. I suggest that you read my article about commitment to help you understand more about men and how to make your relationship stronger.

Make a Man Commit - Commitment Advice for Women

In This book I teach you what to do to create the true life lasting commitment where both people are on the same wave length.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

How To Increase Self-Confidence and Attract Men - Advice for Women – Dating

If you want to drastically change your love life for the better and to attract the man of your dreams, take a couple of minutes and
read this page.

Funny Online Dating Searches

Although my blog is about dating advice, it never ceases to amaze me what kind of keywords people put in the search engine to find my blog. “Mail Order Bride Athlete”. Sounds like a sugar mommy looking for a gigolo. Perhaps it’s merely a tribute to the Olympics, or an inspired Olympics fan who recently spotted some Russian Olympics champion and decided to find out if one of those could be ordered by mail. That I haven’t heard, but what I’ve heard is that they are pretty savvy when it comes to Western Union, those Russian Brides. I am not sure about FedEx and UPS though. By the way, I’ve also heard that Russian bridal scams originate from Nigeria.

Speaking of which, somebody recently came from Nigeria on “Dating Site Of Making Love With A Man Without Credit Card”. Nigerian visitors always make me a bit nervous. I’ve noticed that they seem to stay on my blog for too long hopping from post to post and clicking on every link to a dating site. Living in America, I’ve always thought that it is rather easy to find a man to make love with even if you don’t have a credit card. I thought it was free actually. Just go to a bar and you can have all kinds of men lining up for free lovemaking. But maybe they have shortage of those goodies in Nigeria.

Then again, my recent blog post about dating site pictures was recently visited by an online pervert looking for "sexy poses by an executive looking women". Seriously. It’s a brand new blog where I write everything you will ever need to know about dating site pictures. It’s only been on line for two weeks and so far it’s been visited by a bunch of automated software – AKA bots and one pervert. Where do these people come from and how do they find my blog? Ok, I better stop inventorying X-Rated material before it becomes inappropriate for people under eighteen.

Now what about “what kind of man does a voluptuous woman like”? What kind of question is that? I better go and ask voluptuous women what kind of men they like. Then again the search engine brings me lots of searches for models, or how to meet singlesnet models? I have news for you. Singlesnet models are not necessarily single, and are not necessarily looking to meet you, loser, so get over it. If you are looking to meet models, you might have better odds at millionairematch then on singlesnet. I am sure if those models are single, they’d be looking for a date on a higher caliber site then singlesnet. Most people on singlesnet resemble convicted felons who just got out of custody. So much for a free dating site.

Speaking of free dating sites, free dating tips, free dating advice and such. A lot of people come here looking for freebies, for instance Catch Him and Keep Him book download for free, or where to download Catch Him and Keep Him free. How can I contact members on for free? is another frequently asked question. Well, there are no freebies, and you have to pay because someone has to work. I personally think that if you can’t afford to pay for a dating site membership, you shouldn’t be dating at all. Although there are free dating sites such as like I said before where you can write to the members of the opposite gender for free for some time. But you probably won’t find models on that one.

Another interesting search result was “how many rings till the guy sends to voicemail?” This is not even worded correctly, but who cares, as long as all we care about is the number of rings for him to go to the voice mail. And as long as you can count the number of rings you don’t need to be literate. It is actually strange since it is usually the woman who will be searching for answers “why doesn’t he call after the first date?.” This is kind of obvious, isn’t it? Are these women in denial? In fact, some girls come searching “he doesn’t call for three weeks after a first date”. And just today one came on a search for “he doesn’t call, twelve months. What does it mean?” I personally think if a guy hasn’t called you for twelve months, you should probably move on. But what do I know?

One guy came searching for “she wants fine dining on a first date. What does she mean by that?” I would say if a woman tells you she wants to meet you for a fine dining experience on the first date, you should probably pass. Nothing is wrong with buying food for your date, but if she is specifically looking for a fine dining experience, she sounds like a “match muncher” to me. Translation – a woman joining a dating site for free food. Granted, lots of pretty girls are out there just looking for sugar daddies to take them out to eat, and boy do they love all those free dinners! I’d put on twenty pounds during the course of a three-months dating site membership on That’s why I stopped dating online. It’s hard to keep those pounds off especially when you have a breakfast date, a lunch date and a dinner date all on the same day. Before then I used to do Starbucks dates. I scheduled them back to back, half hour per interview, per person, all at the same Starbucks around the corner from my apartment complex. But after six consecutive dates in three consecutive hours with six cups of coffee I decided to pace out a bit and only meet three new dates a day. Then of course, I had a back log of second dates, third dates, etc.

Lots of women search for answers on what to wear on a first date, which is what I like to write about a lot. That’s ok. They should ask if they don’t know. But some searches are just funny. This one person came in looking for answers to “what to wear on a first date with a lawyer?” I shall ask, as about eighty percent of men I date are lawyers. Next time I go out on a date with one I will definitely ask him what he would like to see his date wear when they go out on a first date if anything. In fact, I asked. Once. You know what he said? A fur coat and high heels. Go figure!

I wonder if people who come here ever really watch my dating advice videos. I had one funny video on this blog that talks exactly on what to do and what not to do on a first date, what to wear on a first date, what to talk about on a first date and first date etiquette. I had to take it off the site because it was making it load too slow and I really never received any feedback from my readers.

Lots of people look for “creative dating headlines” or just plain “ headline” or “dating headline”. If people put so much thought and research into their dating headlines, I wonder why there are still thousands of bad and downright ugly dating headlines. I think a good dating profile headline is important, and that is why I talk so much about it on my dating advice blog. I personally think an attention grabbing dating headline is one percent of your success on a dating site, while your dating profile pictures are ninety nine percent of your success in online dating.

Basically what it comes down to, if your pictures are mediocre, you need to come up with a creative, absolutely the best dating headline, cause the person looking at your pictures is now on the fence. She or he does not know yet if she is interested. You grab her attention with a witty creative headline and she’ll fall right in your arms. On the other hand, as long as you have good pictures on your dating profile, your headline can be as dumb as “hello”.

Lots of guys search for “how to meet hot girls on a dating site”, and women come looking for “meet successful attractive men dating”. If men want to meet hot women, and women want to meet good looking rich men, than what should the rest of us do, like someone who has a face for the radio and a wallet for K-Mart? But it turns out that not all of us online daters know what a good looking man looks like. Last night someone came from the UK on “what does a good looking man look like?” I would guess a good looking man looks good, dontcha think?

Then just today I had a visitor looking for how to force a woman to commit? I personally can understand women who come searching on how to make a man commit, but a man……. This is probably the kind of man whose woman came to my dating advice blog earlier this morning asking what to do if your boyfriend starts hitting you? I personally think that if your boyfriend starts hitting you, there is more to come in this relationship. Call the national domestic violence hotline and they’ll tell you exactly what to do. First thing would probably be to go to a domestic violence shelter. And the second thing would be to file for a restraining order. Somehow she landed on my post What to do if your boyfriend dumps you. It doesn’t sound to me like she’s been dumped, unless she was physically dumped some place by her abusive boyfriend. It really is actually sad and I shouldn’t be making fun of it.

Once in a while I get people land here via google images. Apparently they are searching sexy pictures on a dating site, or pictures of sexy women on a dating site, or Browse Photos of Women at

Since my blog is about dating, dating advice and relationship tips most of my traffic comes at odd hours. No one really comes during the day on a work day. Sometimes I have a loner stride by once in an hour. But after people come home from work, my blog gets packed like tuna fish in a barrel. It’s funny though because when you are getting high volume of traffic on a Friday night or a Saturday night, you know those are lonely online daters who have not succeeded in catching a big fish to go out on a date with. Then again, I am sitting here and blubber instead of going out on a date on a Friday or Saturday. But I personally am tired of dating. I’d rather sit here is chat with my visitors and readers. Dating gets old after a while especially if you become proficient at it. It really takes away all the excitement.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Christian Carter's Book "Catch Him And Keep Him"

Catch Him and Keep Him reviewEver read Christian Carter’s Book Catch Him and Keep Him? Or are you looking to buy Catch Him and Keep Him? Or perhaps you want to download this book and read it for free before you decide to buy it?

Catch Him and Keep Him is available here for a free limited time download for you to try it free for seven days, so you can take advantage of this offer by clicking here or ==> Read More About Catch Him and Keep Him >>>

To learn more about Christian Carter's Catch Him and Keep Him and other relationship products, simply enter your name and e-mail address in the form below to receive information and reviews about Christian Carter's book and other products for women. Be sure to confirm your subscription to our newsletter - You will receive an e-mail from Jane Carpenter immediately after you submit your information, so be sure to check your inbox and click on the confirmation link in the message. If you don't see the message, check your spam box and add our e-mail to your white list, so you don't miss any more e-mails from me. You can un-subscribe at any time.


I have recently purchased a book by Christian Carter called “Catch Him and Keep Him”. Perhaps you’ve heard of it before. I certainly have heard about Christian Carter’s book a lot, but I always thought, hey, I’ve been there, I’ve done that and I know how to find and keep THE RIGHT man, so why do I need his book?

The truth is, once I started reading “Catch Him and Keep Him”, I could not put the book down. All of a sudden, it all came to me. All the things that I couldn’t put into words before, have finally come to me.

I can’t agree more with what Christian Carter has laid out in his book “Catch Him and Keep Him”. As I was reading his book “Catch Him and Keep Him”, all the things I knew before came to a stronger realization and clarification as to why things are this way and not the other when it comes to a man-woman relationships and dating.

Let me give you some examples that instantaneously came to mind while I was reading “Catch Him and Keep Him” and tell you this true story that I found the complete explanation for when I read Christian Carter’s book “Catch Him and Keep Him”.

This is a true story and I know all of the people that were involved. Once upon a time, there was a woman who found a good man. The man was ready and willing for a relationship. They started dating. After the initial infatuation stage he pulled away. The relationship slowly deteriorated. The woman could not understand what was going on. The man seemed to be loosing interest. The woman persisted. The man pulled away more.

After a year and a half of a relationship that seemed draining to both, the man dumped the woman. She was devastated. She could not understand why the man who talked family and children in the beginning of a relationship, ended up leaving her. Was he not ready for a committed relationship and moving toward the common goal? Was he a player?

Guess what? As soon as the man broke up with his girlfriend he dated for a year and a half and never popped the question, he immediately met another woman and created a family. Why?

I always thought I knew what the real reason was. And I was right, but I didn’t know how to put it in words that anyone would understand and try to make use of out it. There are many things to know about how a man’s psychology works and how it is totally opposite from a woman’s. But Christian Carter was far the best one who has clearly identified the integral fundamental of a man’s psychology and not only that, but he went way further to explain how to work with the man’s nature, and not against it.

Christian Carter’s book “Catch Him and Keep Him” is a gem that is everything you will ever need to know about how to make your relationship with your perfect man work to make the relationship grow and last forever. “Catch Him and Keep Him” explains how to not only keep but also find not just any man, but the right and only man for you. It explains what kind of men to avoid, how to identify them and move on quickly because there are certain men you, as a woman can’t change. Your best bet is to move on, because your goal is not to waste your precious time on the wrong type of men, but to find the right man that you will want to be with for the rest of your life.

Now analyzing Christian Carter’s book “Catch Him and Keep Him”, all the information paid out in “Catch Him and Keep Him” and comparing this information with what I have heard from numerous friends, both male and female, from dating couples, and happily married couples, broken up ex-lovers, and hearing their stories, I can put the two and two together.

Christian Carter’s book “Catch Him and Keep Him” is a must-read. If you have never heard of it before, take my word for it. Try “Catch Him and Keep Him” and you will be thankful for the rest of your life. As soon as you start reading it, you will identify some of the mistakes you or someone you know have made in the past in relationships with men. You will recognize the unhealthy patterns that should have been avoided. “Catch Him and Keep Him” is an eye-opening book. And the good news is that Christian Carter is now offering you to try his book here absolutely free for seven days. If you cancel before the expiration of a seven-day period from the date of your purchase, you do not pay anything, so you really have nothing to lose. Trust me. I have bought the book, and I was not charged for it. I still have a couple of days left and I have already finished reading the book and truly loved it.

You can easily download free for 7 days on your computer hard drive here, and start reading it in minutes. So, don’t wait and don’t let your love life suffer. Remember, it is absolutely free for seven days, so hurry.

Questions About Calling Men in Dating

Everything you need to know about calling men, voice mail messages, IMs, text messages etc.

My dating advice blog gives plenty of advice for women who want to know everything about calling men in dating, answering phone calls, returning phone calls to men, handling phone calls, text messages, e-mails and so much more along the same lines. You can read my previous posts to answers your questions about handling phone calls with men and I hope that you will find your answers. However, since I wrote my first post dedicated to calling men, I have been receiving more and more e-mails from women who ask me specific questions with regards to handling all communications with men in dating, why men stop calling after a few dates, why doesn’t he call after the first date, and so on.

calling menHere I will address some of the questions I have recently received from women. Feel free to send me your question or leave a comment on this post or anywhere else on this blog and I will answer it in a later article. Now, here are some of the questions I received:

- Should I leave messages if my boyfriend does not answer my calls?

First of all, it depends on the situation. What is your relationship situation? Did you break up? When you last saw him, did you argue? What was the dynamics of the relationship before he stopped answering your phone calls? What do you mean when you say “your boyfriend”?

Now, since you didn’t provide any of that info, I will answer generally speaking and what the protocol is.

When you call, if you call first, you leave a message once. After that, do not call him anymore. The ball is in his court. He calls you back – great! He doesn’t call you back, well, you’ve just had your answer.

But what if? My dear, there are “no if’s” in dating. Take my word for it. But what if he is upset? But what if this is something I said?

If those are the kind of questions that are running in your head, listen up. If a man is upset and wants to resolve the situation, he will call you and try to work it out. If you are always the one to call him to discuss your differences, he will treat you like a push over. He’ll know that you’ll always go back to him. He just won’t take you seriously anymore. I knew this girl who was dating a guy who was a commitment phobic. So, she talked to him once in a while about taking their relationships to the next level and he always backed off. Then she’d break it off with him. She broke up with him so many times, but every time they broke up she’d call him a week later and try to work things out. He got so used to it that he didn’t even take her seriously anymore. He finally got tired of that drag and dumped her.

- What to do when a man I’ve been seeing does not respond to my phone calls?

First of all, I strongly believe that a woman should not even be calling a man in the beginning of a relationship. If you have been “seeing” each other, that particular wording suggests that you are still in the beginning of a relationship. If you called first and he does not call back, move on.

But what if he finally calls? This is bad news already. If he doesn’t call, he is not that interested. If he “finally” calls, that means he calls you at the last minute when the girl he called first cancelled on him.

Generally speaking, there is only one rule for calling men in dating and that is Do Not Call Him! Not convinced yet? Click Here!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Look Better Online v. Dating Photos 101 Comparison Chart

dating photosLook Better Online and Dating Photos 101 are the companies that cater to online daters just like you who are looking to increase their success rate in online dating. Here I have decided to compare and on the aspects such as location of the photo studios, pricing, and the type of packages that LookBetterOnline offers versus DatingPhotos101, as well as the similarities between LookBetterOnline and DatingPhotos101 and the differences between the two. Image on the right is from Dating Photos 101 portfolio. Wanna look like this on your dating photos? You betcha!

Where can you book a shoot with LookBetterOnline? Click Here To book a shoot with Dating Photos, Click Here

Location. Where is LookBetterOnline located v. DatingPhotos101?

- Look Better Online is a professional photographer network with photographers located all over the US. I am not positive whether they offer their photo services worldwide so you may want to check their web site to find out.

- DatingPhotos101 is a professional photo studio located in Benicia, CA and is mainly serving clients located in the Greater Bay Area or traveling to the Bay Area.

LookBetterOnline packages which are listed on their website currently are as follows:

Economy package: $99 for which you get four digital images (4), un-retouched, one look and the session lasts thirty minutes.

Silver package: $149 for eight images (8), also un-retouched, two looks, and the session lasts fourty five minutes.

Gold package: $199 for twelve images (12), three looks, the length of the session is one hour.

Platinum package: $299 for twelve images (12), three looks, sixty minutes long photo session.

The images are retouched and they also list profile writing help to go with it.

This information is taken from website and I hope this is accurate as of today. If you are looking to book a shoot with lookbetteronline, you may do so at

- Dating Photos 101 currently offers packages as follows:

Dating Photos 101 current offering includes - $300 for twelve images (same as LookBetterOnline), three looks (same as lookbetteronline), two hour long session (one hour long session at LookBetterOnline). What’s included in the package and why is the photo shoot twice as long compared to LookBetterOnline? Because Dating Photos 101 will give you a free makeover with their makeup products (compare MAC cosmetics where you would pay $50 for a makeover or buy $50 worth of product to get a free makeover by a professional makeup artist).

Then don’t forget that you would have to drive to a photo studio location to get to LookBetterOnline where you would have to sit in traffic and your makeup is not going to be as fresh. As an alternative, you would have to bring a makeup artist with you and the cost for three looks would be around $150 just for the makeover alone! At Dating Photos 101 you save $150 because they provide a makeup artistry for your dating site photo shoot at their location and with their products. Dating Photos uses JW Cosmetics which is a great make up line specifically designed for taking professional pictures.

At Dating Photos you will also get a professional consultation on how to pose to highlight your best features and to hide your less desirable features and how to move in front of camera when taking dating site pictures. The consultation is done by a professional model and a fashion and beauty photographer.

Looking better online does not mean that you look better on a dating site than you look in person. It simply means that you look better on a professionally done photo than you do on a photo taken with a cheap digital camera, in crummy lighting, and taken in settings not specifically designed. If you are located in San Francisco, Bay Area, I strongly suggest that you check out If you are elsewhere, check out

How to make a commitment phobic change

woman and man in a committed relationshipCan I change a commitment phobic man? Can I make a guy who is gun shy of commitment suddenly beg me to marry him? What can I do to make a man commit? All of those questions and more along the same lines are the burning questions that women ponder. All of the time spent in sleepless nights crying, worrying and wrecking your brain not knowing how to change a man who does not want to commit is the time that you, as a woman could spend more effectively if only you knew the secret techniques that will change your life forever, taking the drama and the uncertainty away from your dating life. Click Here to learn how to find and marry the man of your dreams!

Hear me out! The truth about making a man commit and changing his perception of the relationship and you is here for you to learn!

Do you realize that it is not the man whom you need to change? You need to change you! Once you change you, your behavior in a relationship, and how you approach your relationship, you will change your life forever. Do you know what makes a man commit? Do you know why men commit to some women and not others? Do you know why men marry some women and not others? I have consistently succeeded in making men commit to me in a time frame as short as six weeks. I cannot even tell you how many times men asked me to move in with them or to marry only after six weeks of dating. I guess it comes to me naturally. I married my first husband after six weeks of knowing him. I moved in with my second ex after six weeks of dating him. In fact, he had to buy me a BMW as a condition for moving in with him. Can you imagine a guy you are in love with asking you to move in with him after four weeks and making an effort to buy you a luxury car because you would not otherwise move in? Can you imagine a guy giving you a key to his house after three dates so that you can come in any time you want? And I am not that super hot (you can see my pictures in some of my posts on this blog).

And those are guys who had long-term dating relationships with other women before they met me, whose previous relationships ended up with the men breaking them off and never asking their previous girlfriends for commitment. In fact, they avoided committing to their previous girlfriends by all means. Stunningly beautiful ex-girlfriends, I must add. A lot more beautiful than I am.

I know it’s hard to believe. And it never ceases to amaze me that I have consistently succeeded in making men commit without any effort on my part whatsoever. So, what do you think that is that makes a guy beg a woman for commitment? I will tell you exactly how to meet a man who is ready for a serious relationship and make him commit. It's all here

I have always been so successful in making guys commit and ask me for commitment without me even ever bringing it up so I wrote a book about it. This book explains what I did and what exactly a woman needs to do in order to make a guy commit for life. This book is the only thing you really need to know about men and relationships in order to change your dating life and build a successful relationship with a guy. It’s less than a cost of a one month dating site membership, so when you think about it, by downloading this book you save yourself not only time spent looking for the right man, sleepless nights and heartache, but also, moneywise it saves you potentially hundreds of dollars that you would otherwise spend on dating site memberships in years looking for that right guy and not getting anywhere.

So, where can you get this book that I am talking about? You can download it here right now so don’t procrastinate, Click Here and download.

Sex on the first date – to have or not to have

Lavalife: Where Singles Click!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Men Stop Calling after a Second or Third Date

telephoneSince I recently posted my long article What to do if the man you are dating does not call you, I have received an overwhelming number of responses from women all over the world asking me all kinds of questions pertaining their situations with men they are dating, seeing casually, or have just met on a dating site. Amongst others there were questions pertaining calling their boyfriends and guys whom the women have been seeing for some time, including situations where a boyfriend would suddenly just stop calling. Women ask, does it mean he is done with me if he doesn’t call? Does it mean he doesn’t like me anymore if he does not call? And most of all, they ask, what should I do when my boyfriend stops calling?

Some questions I can easily answer by my previous posts, and a lot of information has been covered in my post about reasons men don’t call women. I also decided to ask a man why men don’t call after a first date and even shot a video where he answers my questions about men who don’t call and don’t follow up with a woman after the first date, which you can watch in my post Men don’t call after the first date. It never ceases to amaze me how many ladies wonder whether he is going to call after a first date. I always say, the easiest and fastest way to find out whether he is going to call and if he is going to call, as well as when he will call is to not call him. Don’t call him and you’ll find out.

But what if a guy you are dating stops calling you? This page explains all possible reasons men stop calling as well as solutions that you should implement in each situaion.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Why Doesn't He Call After a First Date

My recent article on why men don’t call women when it comes to dating received a huge wave of responses from women who thanked me for clearing up the air and for answering most questions women have about calling men in dating and questions about the men who stop calling at a certain point in a dating relationship whether it would be fist date, second date, dating casually or a more serious dating relationship. Naturally I decided to ask a man, who is single and dating some of the questions concerning calling men, calling women, and mainly the question whether a woman should call a man after the first date as well as the reasons men don't call

women after a first date.

Say you meet a man online and you go out on a first date. You think the date went great but you are not sure whether he will call you and ask you out again. Or for instance, you went on a date with a man, and after a great date he doesn't call. Will he call after a date? How long to wait for a man to call after a date? If he doesn't call, does it mean he is playing games or does it mean he is not interested?

You can see my brief interview in this video. If you want to read the previous post What to do if the man you are dating doesn’t call you you may do so by following the link. Make sure to sign up for my periodic dating advice newsletter. If you want to know everything you need to know about calling men, you may find this link interesting

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Rich Men Dating - Find and Date a Wealthy Man

If you want to know how to meet rich men, where to meet rich man, and how to marry rich men first step in finding your wealthy mate is to know what kind of things rich men like and what it is that wealthy men like in their women. In order to properly approach meeting and dating rich men you first need to know what sets rich men apart from others, besides their wealth. View pictures of rich men - Click Here

First of all, if you have never met a man who has a substantial wealth before in your life, and by substantial wealth I mean over a million dollar income per year, I can tell you certain things that you will need to know in order to capture that great catch. Rich men are smart. That’s why they are rich. So, they know that there are lots of gold-diggers out there who are after their money and nothing else. If a man was born rich with a silver spoon in his mouth, he is well aware that he is special from the start. Usually rich people who were born in wealthy families are very laid back. They don’t consider themselves to be above others, and they don’t look down on others.

On the other hand, there are self-made millionaires who worked hard and achieved a secure financial situation. From what I’ve seen, there are two main categories of self-made millionaires; those who remember where they’ve come from, and those who look down on others. You certainly do not want to get involved with the second category of those self-made riches, unless all you care about is their money.

Rich men are classy, even though some may have even started off as blue collar workers who have achieved their financial success through their hard work and determination. Those people include owners of multiple auto repair franchises, fast food restaurant chains and even agricultural workers who have grown their business to be a multi-million dollar enterprise. You would think that people like that would be above us, and yet, those people are usually very kind and generous.

Rich people usually like to give back to the community, so they can often be found at a variety of charity events. When I belonged to the Ferrari Club, I often attended charity fundraising events for the Breast Cancer Society for instance and other similar events. Charity events are just one of the multiple places to find and ways to meet wealthy people. For more tips on finding a rich man and the places to find a rich man to date, read my post Where can I meet a wealthy man to date?

What to Talk About on the First Date – Advice for Women

check out click here.

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Where can I meet good looking people to date?

Online dating without a doubt is the king. But how about other places to meet good looking people? Here are some tips to help you navigate through the dating maze.

Beach – Public beaches bring together a lot of single men and women with the most stunning bodies. Here are some tips for meeting good looking people on the beach.

If you are a girl, you really don’t need to do anything other than being yourself. All you need to do to meet great looking guys at a public beach is to simply show up. Find a good laying spot where groups of single men of appropriate age are hanging out. If you walk by those men to and from the ocean, I guarantee they’ll make all kinds of compliments even if you don’t glance at them. Don’t believe me? Try it! Here are the kinds of compliments I get from guys at a public beach, “I love your swimsuit”.

I get that all the time. I don’t think that men love my swimsuit. I think they love what’s underneath but that’s ok.

On my recent trip to Florida I spent several days at the beach. While I was enjoying the sun and all getting tanned, men came up to me in packs without any solicitation whatsoever and asked if they could get me anything, like drinks, food, etc. from the restaurant at the beach, which by the end of day got me pretty buzzed.

On the other hand, a public beach is a fabulous venue for your first date, and if the weather allows, you should go for it. In case the man you are meeting declines meeting you at a beach or take you there on your first date, you know he is hiding something.

Dance clubs – if you like dancing and can dance like no one is watching, as they say, then a dance club is a perfect venue for meeting hundreds of single men. Men love going to clubs for the sole purpose of picking up chicks, so it is a paradise for finding a date. If your favorite dance club has a little stage, get right on it. That way everyone sees you and you can see everyone. Then as soon as you step down for a drink of water, men will follow you in packs to buy you a drink. Another tip on meeting men at a dance club is if you notice an attractive guy you’d like to meet, simply look at him as if you were already engaged in a conversation. It’s a man’s character to buy a drink to any girl at a club even without a slight chance of a conversation after doing so. That way, if you do engage in a conversation after he’s offered to buy you a drink, he’ll be ecstatic.

Online Dating – I consider online dating to be the best place for meeting people. Dating sites offer a fantastic opportunity to select members not only by their education, job, marital status, number of children, but also by their looks. So, if you don’t find a man attractive, you just don’t respond to his e-mail. And if he bugs you too much, you can block him from contacting you ever again. That’s the beauty of online dating. Safe, secure, selective. Read my post about how to meet good looking people on a dating site

Once you have decided to try out online dating, you need to pick a dating site that will be most useful considering your needs. If you want to ultimately find a serious relationship, I recommend a mainstream dating site such as The #1 Site For Love It has been around for a long time and has built a solid reputation as a trustworthy dating site. Once you register on a dating site, read how to meet good looking men online.

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Where can I meet a wealthy man to date?

Where can I meet a wealthy man to date? My women readers ask me; where can I meet a rich man to date? I am a classy girl and I love finer things. Where can I find a wealthy man I can go out with?

Well, it depends on what you define as wealthy. To some wealthy is someone who makes above average living. To some, wealthy means filthy rich like a large corporation owner with positive cash flow.

Generally speaking, there are certain places where you can meet rich men.

Here are just some of them:

Auto Clubs:

Luxury car owners like to join clubs to socialize with people who own or like the same kind of car. I once belonged to the Ferrari Club of N. America, Northern California Chapter. My ex-husband was into Ferraris, owned a few and raced. Generally, people join the Ferrari Club because they have bought a Ferrari and want to get involved in amateur racing and other cool activities. Owning a Ferrari is more of a hobby, and people like to socialize with others who share their hobbies. You don’t necessarily have to own a Ferrari to join the club. If you like Ferraris, racing and other social things that people do at the Ferrari Club, you can join. Some people in the club do not have a Ferrari, but generally they do have at least one at the time they join. The Ferrari Club is a tight circle of acquaintances who have known each other for many years, so even when someone sells his Ferrari, the person stays in the club just because it has become a part of life. There is a membership fee involved, but it is very reasonable.
Now, the downside is that once you’ve joined, you will start meeting people. Other Ferrari Club members will ask you if you race and what kind of Ferrari you have. The club has annual events where you can bring your Ferrari to show it off and the proceeds go to charity. If you are not a Ferrari owner, people won’t say anything. They are polite and classy and no one is going to bash you for not having a Ferrari. But I personally would feel stupid joining the club when I do not have my own Ferrari.

There are similar clubs for almost every nice car, such as Lotus, and others. So, those are some of the options where you can meet wealthy men.

If you don’t fancy the auto option, you can join a country club and play golf. Country clubs have initial fees that amount to thousands of dollars and annual fees that are more reasonable. If you can’t afford to join a country club, you may want to try to get a job at one if you are so inclined.

Another option is a yacht club. Usually people who own yachts are rather well off. Again, if you do not have a yacht you can get a job at the yacht club. Bartending is a great way to get in without much skills and formal training.

Finally online dating can be a huge assistance in finding a rich man to date. Because I write about online dating, I’ve tried nearly all larger dating sites. Out of the ones that are primarily targeted to wealthy men and beautiful women, I personally like millionairematch the best. For some reason, out of all the online dating sites attracting wealthy people, this one has sustained its wealthy people base. The density of high earners is the greatest of them all. While some of the dating sites for rich people such as wealthymen have a decent number of qualified members, millionairematch is probably the largest and the highest quality. The sign up process if free.

However, the drawback is that in order to get the most benefit from this site you would need to pay the membership fee. I’ll explain. If you are a non-paying member, you can respond to e-mail from paying members. But your ability to search dating site members by specific location and other necessary qualification is very limited. You can be on this site for six months and not get the desired results. Or you can pay for a one month membership fee, which is very reasonable compare to other sites, and search for qualified singles by requesting specific qualifications, such as location, marital status, income and more. Income on this particular dating site starts at $150,000+, then goes to $200,000+, $500,000+, $1,000,000+, $10,000,000+, $100,000,000+

Another great thing is that many men who want to attract beautiful women opt to become certified millionaires meaning that they send in a photo copy of their asset information and tax returns for the past tax year. If you see a sign that says “Certified Millionaire” on somebody’s profile that means that the income the person is claiming to have has been verified by the site administrator. You can also choose to verify your photos by e-mailing a copy of your ID or a Driver License. That’s a lot for the money, so if you decide to try this site, I suggest that you sign up for a one month membership to try it out. If you don’t like it, you can cancel further billing. I cancelled mine without any problems. It is very easy and the integrity of the site is great. Click Here to try it out.
I have met many very, very filthy rich men and celebrities on this millionairematch. Some were local some flew me to meet them in their neck of the woods. Did I mention that all these men are perfect gentelmen?
Here are a few pieces of evidence to support my claims. The two pictures with cars in this post belonging to some of the men I met on millionairematch and a first-class round trip itinerary ticket from California to Miami, Florida (click the image to enlarge), during which trip I had a limo to and from the airport and my own accommodations at the finest South Beach, Miami hotel, with all other expenses paid for. So, click here to sign up now. After all, isn’t the quality of men you’ll meet worth the minimal membership fee? Don’t forget to send me your success story! If I can do it, you can too!

How to find a good looking man to date?

How to find a good looking man to date? Finding a man to date is easy. Especially on a dating site, where the exposure to single men is tremendous. However, I hear this all the time from women all over the country, “I am an attractive, successful female who has my life together, but I am not attracted to anyone. Men approach me all the time, but I can’t seem to find someone I like. What should I do?” Since you are still looking, I presume you have not heard about the book How To Find The Man of Your Dreams that talks about many aspects of finding not only good looking, but the best man you can get for you. By the way did you know which dating site has the most density of good looking people, richest people and celebrities? I just convinced my friend with a nine-figure annual income to join this site. Not to mention, I personally have met a number of celebrities and multi-millionaires on this site. Click Here and check it out.

menFinding a good looking man is already the part of dating that seems to be the toughest. After all, when we set up our profiles on a dating site, we already have a certain type of person in mind that we would like to date. It gets harder and harder with age as the number of available singles shrinks, as people are settling down and getting married. So if you are in your prime like I am, finding a good looking man to date is hard enough. I get this all the time from men, “Why are you still single? You can have any man you want.” Right, I can. But do I want ANY man?
Of course, not!

I am an attractive single woman in my prime who is highly educated, multi-lingual, well-traveled, and all the wonderful things we all consider ourselves to be. So, why would I want to date ANY man? It is only reasonable that I require someone like me but in a man’s body. Ok, he really does not have to speak more than one language as long as that language is English. But I do like someone who has a Graduate Degree like me and whom I can talk to about international travels and actually share experiences, as well as talking about other topics that interest both of us. Is it not reasonable? And when people ask me why I like men who are taller than 5’9; that is because I am 5’9. Is it not reasonable?

So, we all think about ourselves. We are catches, and we want to date someone who is like us.
But if you are such a catch that everyone wants to date you, how do you find another catch? Don’t we all want the best we can get? We all want to date our equals, if not better. In fact we prefer to date someone better in some way.

Once we have found a great man to date, the rest is easy, in particular making him commit. But while making a man commit is not a particular struggle, we struggle looking and not finding that man.

I am not sure if everyone of us has that type. I think I do. Looking at my past relationships I find that all men I have been with are alike. They all look like my dad actually which kinda creeps me out. It creeps me out even more when my mom is not happy with my choices of men. That leaves me an answer that I am attracted to a certain type. It usually strikes me when I see someone who is my type. It really kinda hits me on the head like a lightning.

Anyhow, from what I am noticing, most of us like a fit, athletic type body, while some of us like curvy, voluptuous or skinny types. I certainly do not find beer bellies the least attractive, but the hardest part is finding a man who has the kind of facial features I like.

So, how do you find that attractive person to date on a dating site when you already have a laundry list of must-haves? This is what How To Find The Man of Your Dreams talks about in great detail.

First, if you have already met everyone you seemed to be interested in on a dating site in the course of your first round of first dates, and still have not found “your type”, here are a few great tips that will open up new opportunities.

First, change your search criteria. I am sure you have a set of non-negotiable criteria. It could be distance. It could be relationship status. It could be number of children. You know best what your non-negotiable criteria are. For instance, you are in a situation where you know for sure that you are not going to relocate. If you are sharing custody of your children with their dad, moving away may create huge problems. So, you are not considering moving. Then one of your non-negotiable criteria is that a man you want to date should live in your area. Great! But what if you are for instance single, childless, and are freelance artist? You can work anywhere in the world. You may want to consider meeting men who do not live in your vicinity.

The same goes for height. Say, you are 5’6. You are attracted to men who are 6 feet tall. That’s great. But when you think about it, perhaps men who otherwise meet your criteria are shorter than 6 feet tall. But setting up your search criteria to meet your height standard you are limiting your opportunities to meet a great man who is otherwise a fantastic match for you.

I don’t have that many search criteria, but let me tell you. When I met my second husband, I was looking for men with a Graduate Degree, just like myself. He did not have the Graduate Degree I wanted, but when he contacted me and I saw that everything else was in line with what I was looking for I agreed to meet him. It was the right choice.

Another man I ended up dating was one inch short of my search criteria, but was otherwise a great match and was still taller than me.

Age wise, I like to date men five to fifteen years older than me. Don’t ask me why, it is just my preference. But after meeting everyone in that age range who seemed interesting and otherwise met my desires, and lived in my vicinity, I started meeting men around my age, and then even younger men. Granted, what I found out was that younger men I met were just as mature as older men, with great education I needed. Looking younger than my age really helped too, since you really can’t tell the difference when I am out with those men, while the older men I used to date were always getting confused with my dad.

So, if you are having trouble finding an attractive or a great looking man to date, broaden your search criteria. Be open-minded about it. And check out How To Find The Man of Your Dreams

Another thing is that you need to start going out with men who do not look that great on their dating pictures. I can’t list all the instances where I liked a man on paper and did not find him the least attractive in person, and vice versa. Some people are exceptionally photogenic while some people look terrible on the pictures. Another thing to remember is that camera visually adds weight. I have met many men who looked very buffed on their pictures, but were rather small frame in person.

If you are looking for that buffed muscular type, keep that in mind. Men who look very muscular on their dating site pictures are not always buffed in person. Keep your opportunities open. You may be very surprised when you meet your frog prince.

How to make my boyfriend commit?

If you want to know how to become a woman men commit to and to receive a marriage proposal, go to ==> How To Make a Man Commit

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Catch Him and Keep Him Book Review and Download

My readers ask me a lot of questions about Christian Carter’s book Catch Him and Keep Him and where they can download Catch Him and Keep Him. The want to know whether the advice in the book has actually been used by women and if I know of anyone who has successfully used the advice given in the book. Well, Catch Him and Keep Him is available here for a free limited time download for you to try it free, so you can take advantage of this offer by clicking here or ==> Read More About Catch Him and Keep Him >>>

To learn more about Christian Carter's Catch Him and Keep Him and other relationship products, simply enter your name and e-mail address in the form below to receive information and reviews about Christian Carter's book and other products for women. Be sure to confirm your subscription to our newsletter - You will receive an e-mail from Jane Carpenter immediately after you submit your information, so be sure to check your inbox and click on the confirmation link in the message. If you don't see the message, check your spam box and add our e-mail to your white list, so you don't miss any more e-mails from me. You can un-subscribe at any time.


First, here is a little something from the author of the book himself:

“When I first put Catch Him and Keep Him out there for women to read, I was honestly nervous. The information in this eBook will save you years of time, missed love opportunities and wasted energy. Most women go through their entire lives never learning how to get what they truly want from their relationships. But it doesn't have to be this way”.

About the author, Christian Carter, he is a leading women’s dating coach on the subjects of dating, relationships, and love. Christian Carter is an expert in male psychology, communication and behavior. Christian Carter has developed fundamental concepts that assist women in understanding and relating to their men, dating men and building relationships with men. His studies of Emotional Attraction, Connection, and The Relationship Balance show women how to create natural and lasting attraction with a man and to progress with ease into a deeper level of a relationship, avoiding drama and resistance on the man’s part, withdrawal or a man in a relationship and the fear of rejection. Christian Carter’s book helped thousands of women achieve healthy fulfilling relationships with men.

Catch Him and Keep Him book is a fantastic blueprint that shows you clearly how to achieve a no-drama fulfilling relationship with a man and to make him fall in love. Catch Him and Keep Him book is unique, as it will give you some eye opening facts about men that will help you understand men, dating and relationships from a man’s point of view.

Catch Him and Keep Him book will give you what every women has been searching for in dating and relationships and give you answers you have searched for. Here are just some of the things that Catch Him and Keep Him book will teach you”

- Secrets Men wish you knew-but don’t know how to tell you

- The 3 deadly mistakes women make with men without ever realizing it

- Your Secret weapon for success with men

- Why men fall for some women and not others

- How to get a man’s attention fast and much more

The book Catch Him and Keep Him teaches women how men view dating, relationships, love and attraction. It teaches women how to become a woman men fall in love with and how to build a natural and lasting attraction.

More information can be found at the author's website. Click Here to go to the website now.

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What is playing hard to get? Should I play hard to get in a relationship?

How to play hard to get? Should a woman play hard to get in a relationship? What is playing hard to get? What should a woman do to play hard to get?

All of these questions have been leaving women wonder for years. Does it mean that if you play hard to get, you will wind up living happily ever after with your man, husband or boyfriend or will you turn him off by playing hard to get?
Do I need to wait for a certain period of time to kiss, or have sex with a man I am dating? Will he think that I am too easy if I sleep with him too soon? Will he dump me if I have sex with him too soon? How soon should I have sex with a man I am seeing? Should I tell a man I am dating about my feelings?
Women date. Women ponder. Every situation is different, but unlike many women think, there are certain answers that men give to these questions that women don’t normally think of.
First off, what is playing hard to get? Does it really means that you should not kiss a man you like until you go out on a date number three? Does it mean you should not sleep with someone you are dating until date number twenty?
To answer these questions, let’s look at a few examples.
You meet a man. You like him. You think there is mutual attraction. He doesn’t call after the first date. You sit and wait and then decide he may have lost your number. Or something happened that he can’t call you. So, you decide to call. And when you call, he does not answer your phone call. Does it sound familiar?
Then you think he may not have gotten your voice mail message and you call him again. Hey, one call may have gone unnoticed. But a second call that goes without an answer signals lack of interest. In fact, the first call that went unanswered signals the same, but isn’t it hard to admit that a man you found interesting and attractive, and whom you would like to date is not interested in return?
Here is what a man does when he goes out on a first date with a woman. He evaluates the woman’s potential and decides if he is interested in seeing her again.
Do you really think a man will tell you straight up during the first date that he is not romantically interested in dating you? Of course, not. Do you ever tell a man you are not interested in dating him? Some women do, but not all. And why you think a man who is having a nice time on a date just talking to a woman and enjoying a nice conversation would tell her he is not romantically interested in her? A man is having a nice time with you on a date. That doesn’t mean he wants you date you. But being polite he does not want to hurt your feelings by rejecting you. He is just hoping you would get the message when he does not call.
So, should you play hard to get with a man you have gone out with? I personally do not support the idea of playing hard to get. If playing hard to get means withholding sex, then I would say no to that. If you really like a man and feel like you are ready to have sex with him, and provided he feels the same way about you, why not? If you are both ready.
What about kissing? I think the same goes for kissing. However, I do not suggest kissing on or right after the first date. Not because you are playing hard to get, but because you may already have another date set for tomorrow. Maybe two dates for tomorrow, and two for Wednesday. And three dates for Thursday, etc. Are you going to kiss everybody? Of course not.
I generally advise that you should only kiss those guys who date you exclusively. Say, for instance, you are dating five guys consistently and still meeting more guys for the first time, provided you are meeting them via a dating site. If you like some of the guys you are dating better than others, you may want to kiss those guys you like better if they are not seeing anyone else.
Most guys who have jobs do not like, however seeing more than one woman at a time. Dating is really time consuming and most guys who work like to settle with one person. So, say you are dating five guys and you like two of them the best. Should you kiss both? Some women do that. I personally don’t think it is a good idea to go around kissing a bunch of people, but this is really not about playing hard to get. It is probably better to decide first which guy you like the best and kiss only him. It is good to keep the other guys on the back burner just in case the main guy doesn’t work out, but I would not be kissing all of them even if you are the only one each one of them is dating.
The only reason that I see why women play hard to get is because they are insecure. Then think if they kiss a guy too soon or sleep with him too soon, the guy will lose interest. Wrong! Like I said before in one of my previous posts, if a guy likes a woman, he will not like her less because she had sex with him on date number one, two or three. However, on a date number one you don’t know if he likes you or not, because he just won’t tell you straight in your face he is not interested. So, you should go home and forget about him. Then when he calls you, hopefully you’ll remember who it is. When he asks you out on a second date and plans something special for you, you’ll know he is interested. Or if he proposes a hook-up, than you know what he is after.
But what if you think the man you’ve just met is the one? Well, you really don’t know and should not make assumptions. Chemistry is illusive. I have met men whom I thought had potential on the first date, but then after the second date I said Ewwwwwww. So, you never really know. What if you sleep with him on the first date? What is going to happen, he will think you feel the same way about him and will not understand why you don’t want to see him after all. What if he becomes too dependent? What if sex is so great that he’ll come begging for more? Well, you’ve just got yourself a stalker! Hopefully he lives far enough that the distance will prevent him from stalking you.
Another thing, whatever you do, if you decide to sleep with a guy you are dating too soon, do not invite him to your place. Do it someplace else, or at his house, so that you can have an easy escape route if you don’t want to see him again.
That’s why you should play hard to get! Get to know a guy before you sleep with him and make sure he is not going to stalk you once you are done with him. You really don’t need multiple suitors at your door.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Why you should sign up for six month membership at

Why you should sign up for six month online dating membership? is a recognized leader in online dating. Period. There is no other site on the World Wide Web that has as many members as While other major dating sites have thousands of members whom you can meet practically in your back yard, has the most singles. is a mainstream online dating site; therefore almost every single person who is dating online is on even though those singles may also be found on other online dating sites, paid and free. On the other hand, other online dating sites may just be a better match for you if you are looking for a specific dating situation such as casual dating or as I call it One night stand dating site or No Strings Attached dating site – Meet the hottest singles online , rich people dating – millionairematch my favorite dating site out of all wealthy people dating sites, more targeted matchmaking – Three months for the price of one on! You save more than 50%!, or free online dating at Free to Email, No Credit Card Required. Start Searching Now!

Here is an e-mail I received from one of my subscribers (by the way, if you want to subscribe for my periodic newsletters, you can do so by submitting your e-mail address and your name in the newsletter subscription box):

Hi Elaine,

How are you? Need a little help. I emailed a gal and she replied and said:

Hi Dan,

Thanks so much for taking time to write me and for your very nice email. After checking out your profile, I don't think we'd be a good match.

Thanks again for contacting me and best of luck with!


I emailed her back and said:

Hi Monique,

I can understand if you are not attracted to me but let's face reality. What you or I or anyone else on this website has written on their profile does not even scratch the surface of who we really are, would you agree? If you ever change your mind, let me know.


When most gals say that "I don't think we would be a good" aren't they just saying I'm attracted to you? A few of the women that have winked at me and I wasn’t attracted to them, that's what I wrote to them. Is it the same for the women?

Last but not least, a friend of mine persuaded that I join Guess what? Most of the women that are on are on as well. One of the girls that I had emailed on never replied to me. When I was matched with her on, I wrote to her, "You may run from faith but we are destined to meet.” I am meeting with her for coffee on Wednesday!

I hope all is well with you!


While I personally think that while being on more than one online dating site at a time adds more opportunities to meet singles, is a dating site where you can practically find everyone who is dating online. Granted, if you are specifically matched up with another single person via a dating site such as, that person is more likely to meet you if they think there is a sure-fire match.

Now, why am do I suggest signing up for a six months membership on

Did you know that according to Jupiter Research 97% of the men who join online dating sites quit within the first three months? Whatever the reason is, that means that since online dating industry is growing rapidly despite these statistics, the turnover is around three month, with dating site memberships expiring and new ones being created. So, if you are a woman, if these statistics are right, my assumption is that every three months you should have completely new pool of matches. And if you are a man, the dating site matches directly competing with you are gone and if you have been communicating with a woman for a while, even if she was not particularly eager to meet you at first, she may be more eager now that other men whom she must have interacted for a while have by now found someone and are taken.

Another thing why you would want to sign up for six month membership is their guarantee that if you keep your profile up for six month and not find anyone to date, they will give you another six months for free! You can’t beat that if you ask me!

An additional perk to that is that you can now for a limited time take a discount by clicking on the highlighted link Love is the air - discount on, so sign up now to take advantage of this opportunity!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Why Online Dating Site Pictures are Critical?

So, Why Online Dating? JupiterResearch Forecasts US Online Dating Market to reach $932 million in 2011 despite user saturation. What does it mean to you? That means that there are more and more singles joining various dating sites every single day. And those are singles that you can meet online!

So, what makes your dating site profile stand out? First of all, great dating site photos are a huge part of your online dating success. Unless someone is blind, the first thing a person looks on a dating site is pictures of available singles, who are members of a dating site.

If you are intimidated to post your dating profile pictures on an online dating site, don’t worry. Unless you are in a victim protection program, you have nothing to fear. The most common excuse that online dating site members give for not putting their photos up on a dating site is that they are afraid that someone they know will recognize them. Well, if you are afraid someone is going to see your pictures on a dating site and recognize you, than that person is on that same online dating site too.

Your friends, people at work, your hair dresser, your aunt know that you are single, right? So, by declaring that you are single and dating, are you embarrassing yourself? And what if your single co-worker says , hey I saw you on a dating site? So what? That means he or she is on the same dating site too. Just say, or, what do you think about my dating site pictures? Do they look good? Do I look better in person? Have you read my dating profile? What do you think of it? Does it accurately describe me?

That opens up a whole new line of conversation. Your friend or a co-worker may even give you some helpful tips. She or he may suggest that you take better pictures because your dating profile pictures do not do you justice. She may suggest changing something in your dating profile, or give you some advice that you may not have found out otherwise. Another great thing about having your pictures on a dating site profile is that you can actually bump into other people on the same dating site in a real life situation and if you recognize someone you have seen on a dating site, you know they are single and you can try to approach them without fear on them saying, “I am sorry but I am married.” allows its members to view dating profiles with pictures and to deselect those dating profiles that do not have pictures. Did you know that now allows for an easy picture upload process that compare to the old picture upload process is a lot easier. All you need to do to post your photos on your dating profile is do drag and drop them! That easy!

When you search for singles on a dating site, you can pick the criteria that single members of should meet. Once the search results appear on your computer screen, you can choose either detail view or a gallery view. Detail view of dating profiles allows you to view pictures and dating profile headlines. Gallery view allows you to view your matches in a picture mode, meaning that only pictures of dating site members will be displayed in searches.
That means that if you don’t post a great catchy picture on your dating site profile, you will not be viewed!

A lot of people underestimate the importance of pictures for online dating, especially great pictures that catch the attention of the dating site subscribers when they search potential matches. Some people think that a picture is better than no picture at all. While it is true, not to good looking pictures will get you not too good results! Posting a great quality picture on a dating site will get you viewed more by other dating site members, thus more options to go through and better quality singles to choose from.

Finding a professional photographer for online dating site pictures is important. What is important to understand is that you want to find a photographer who understands your needs. You should be clear about what it is that you are trying to achieve. Some people hire a professional photographer but do not tell the photographer what their needs are. They do not disclose that the photos are for a dating site. That’s a big mistake, because the photographer, not understanding what your needs are may release high resolution images to you that will look terribly pixilated on a dating site.

For a dating site, you need web-resolution photos, not print-resolution! A lot of people simply do not know that. If you post a seven-MB-JPEG file on a dating site, for one, it may not take it. I think allows its members to post pictures up to five MB. Now imagine, you pay for professional pictures for your dating profile and after all you can’t even use them! What a waste of time and money!

Now, even if you post a two-MB picture on your dating profile, the picture will not look right. It will be pixilated, meaning it will not look good either on your main dating profile page, or even in a small avatar!

If you are located in the Bay Area, CA, check out my dating photo studio and read more about the services we offer. I hope to see you there soon!

Best Dating Site Reviews

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Meeting the right person via an online dating site may seem like a difficult mission., the premiere online dating site makes it easy to you to instantly have access to thousands of available singles in your region.

A 20% Discount off The Popular allows you to access many of the features of dating site, including creating your own profile and posting pictures. To take advantage of this special promotional offer, you must be a newly registered user. You must create a brand new profile to qualify for this special 20% Discount off The Popular You must register with a valid credit card. has many features to help you make the best out of your online dating experience and to help you find the right match. Look better than ever on a dating site when using 20% Discount off The Popular . With Style Director Jay Manuel's assistance, you'll attract more dates than you ever thought was feasible! 20% Discount off The Popular allows you complete access to features such as contacting members via e-mail, instant messaging, 2-way matching system and other features that paid subscribers have access to.

$29.99 monthly $16.99/month for a 3-month subscription Just $12.99/month for a 6-month subscription!

Best of all, has a new offer - 6 Month Guarantee . If you sign up for a 6-month membership but don't find the right one for you within the six months that you stay subscribed with, you can get the next 6 months absolutely free!

Now that’s a deal! Get 6 months at the cost of $22.99/month and get 6 month more FREE!

Finally, if you think that you want to try one of the paid membership options and are ready to sign up for a online dating package deal, consider another great offer from that allows you to save 15% off of your entire package. The longer the initial membership you choose, the more you save. This offer is only available for your first membership term, so if you think you would like to stay on longer then a month and want to benefit from this exceptional offer, chose the longest membership term at the time of your registration.

Click on the link to take advantage of this special offer - 15% off- Love is Waiting was created by the creators of

You begin by taking a free personality test. The test is extensive. It takes a while to complete, so be prepared to spend some time on it. The good thing is that completing the test ensures that the scientific computer program that will look for your online dating site matches has a precise idea of who you are and what you are looking for in a partner. Once you have completed your personality test and your online dating profile, you will receive your matches via email. If you like anyone and decide to contact them, you can sign up for a paid membership.

If you subscribe for a paid membership with, your membership will enable you to select members that you are matched with and request communication via 1-2-3 Meet. This system will walk you through a communication process that will tell you more about the person you are matched with and prepare you for a meeting in person.

This system is design to narrow down the large pool of candidates and to only match you with people that you're compatible with. 1-2-3 Meet ensures that once you are interested in someone on the site, you don't waste your time matching up with people who you are not compatible with. You can meet each other in person as quickly as you like without drawing out long e-mails and phone tags. is more expensive then some other dating sites. Monthly membership is $49.95, but it is well worth it considering how much time it saves you in the long run. Free dating sites are great, but think about how much time you can save and what your time is worth to you. If you want to save more on your monthly membership, sign up for a longer membership term:

• 3 months at $33.32/month • 6 months at $26.66/month • 12 months at only $20.83/month!

If you meet someone before the expiration of your initial term with, remember to cancel your paid subscription. You can always reactivate your membership later if you choose to do so.

Sign up for a 7 Day Free Trial with by clicking on the link. is a fast-growing online dating site with thousands on new members joining every day. Free and easy sign up process will allow you to create a profile, upload pictures and browse the site to see if anyone catches your interest. You can wink at other members free and it is free to respond to those who e-mail you first. Registration process is free, fast and easy. It only takes a couple of minutes to answer a two-page questionnaire and you are on your way to meeting many singles in your immediate geographical area. If you don’t want to compose a personality profile at the time you join, you can easily skip it and return to it later.

The good thing about is that it has become so increasingly popular and has so many members, that you will be able to start talking to other members as soon as you are done with the registration process.

The profiles of members who are currently online and are located in your area are displayed on the front page of the site to enable you to contact members instantaneously. is offering a free trial membership to new members and no credit card is required to sign up. Just try it and see if you like it. If you decide this site is not working for you, you do not have to do anything further. Because you are not required to provide your credit card information at the registration process for your free limited time offer, you will never be charged unless you decide to continue using the site after the expiration of your free trial. Just click on the link and see for yourself. Free to Email, No Credit Card Required. Start Searching Now!

Yahoo Personals is not just a dating site, but it is a part of a large online domain dominating the Internet. YAHOO! Network has of members, that come from all over the world to use the services of this online giant. Thus, the dating personals on this giant network offers numerous features to its subscribers.

The features of this online dating site are substantial. Even though the home page of this online dating personals is not too complex, it is easy to navigate and go get around the site, which makes it very user-friendly.

The home page shows you upon entering the site whether you have new messages and provides you with links to other features of the website, such as search, that are located on the right side of the home page, in the top portion of the screen. This online dating site has all of the usual categories of the most popular dating sites. There are a some options that you can use to make yourself stand out from the crowd and differ from other members of the same dating site. This dating site offers you a choice of options that you can use such as “living situation” question, “social setting” feature, “t.v. watching” feature, “political views” and other question that you can answer and compare your answers with other members of this online dating site to check for potential compatibility.

Yahoo! Personals

If you don’t want to answer all of those questions when you register, you can leave them out and comeback to them later if you decide to do so. One significant feature that this online dating site has that separates it from all the other dating sites is a “must have” feature, whereas you can say what the integral things in the person you are looking to date are.

The paid subscription for this online dating site is inexpensive, compare to other dating sites. If you register for one year, the cost per month goes down to only $11.95 Try this dating site for free for seven days. This is an exceptional offer that gives you an opportunity to try all of the features of this site for free, see if you like them, look for other members and see if you like anyone you want to contact. You can even establish the first contact with many members while on a free seven-day trial, and exchange a few e-mails. You can take advantage of this special offer by clicking on the banner. Yahoo! Personals
"" UK is an offshoot of "" established specifically for singles residing in the U.K. Members must live in the UK and have a UK postcode in order to register. "" UK has all of the same features of the traditional "" including the six month guarantee, whereby members unable to find someone special within six months on the site can get additional six month on the site for free. "" UK is presently the number one most popular dating site in all of the UK. is the first, most trusted and largest site in the world to meet, date, and marry successful, beautiful people. This online dating site members include CEOs, pro athletes, doctors, lawyers, investors, entrepreneurs, beauty queens, fitness models, and Hollywood celebrities, just to name a few. But every quality single is welcome here. You don't have to be rich or famous. is absolutely free to sign up, post a profile and photos, search for singles, and even initiate contact. offers you an opportunity to contact other members by sending them a pre-designed message (a wink) to express your initial interest or to contact members by e-mail through the site. All of those features are free. has probably the most features available on any dating site, including picture and income verification, the ability to become a “certified millionaire” whose income has been verified, multiple forums, testimonials, member blogs, ability to post videos, chat room, instant messaging, just to name a few. All of those features are available for free.

Paid memberships have added features, such as customized member search for specific parameters, the ability to post more photos then non-paying members, and the ability to initiate contact. is best suited for wealthy men and beautiful classy women who want to meet the cream of the crop. the best dating site for sexy, successful singles!

Serious about dating?

Great Expectations is the nation's premiere destination for meeting and dating quality singles since 1976.

Great Expectations members are intelligent, attractive professionals in search of meaningful relationships. This dating site itself is laid out well, with most critical components presented in a way that is easy to find. It is a very simple to use online dating site, which makes it a very efficient online dating site at the same time. The most significant feature of this online dating site is that it is a part of a large network of dating sites. This way, you get to get access to a massive database of potential matches that otherwise may not have been available for you to meet through other smaller dating sites.

Great Expectations is very reasonably priced compare to other dating sites, which makes it a very cost-effective way of meeting singles online. Additionally, this dating site allows the increasingly popular connection by telephone service, which gets you a real person’s voice before you decide to exchange actual telephone numbers.

Creating a profile is free as well as “showing interest” in other members, which sends them an email saying that you are interested in them, a lot like a “wink” on other dating sites. Responding to e-mail that paying members send to you is also free. With a paid membership you can initiate email and use the instant messenger feature.

lavalife online dating offer

According to many reviews, has features and fun approach that sets it apart from many other online dating sites. lets users choose between three options: dating, relationships and intimate encounters. You can create a separate profile for each department.

Unlike and other services, has online chat in addition to instant messaging and video clips.

The extensive personality test takes anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour complete. Although it may sound like a drag it is actually a fun thing to do, if you don't over-think. Answer the test questions as they come up and you may find out some things about yourself that you didn’t even know. Perhaps you are skeptical about personality tests, but the results are actually impressive.

Get your $40 Personality Profile FREE!

eHarmony looks at twenty nine dimensions of compatibility when it matches you up with other dating site members and the questions you answer are divided into five areas. Agreeableness, Openness, Emotional Stability, Conscientiousness and Extraversion are the categories that will evaluate your compatibility with potential matches. In addition to the traditional questions such as your willingness to date a smoker, the importance of religion, drinking habits, and others, the personality test goes beyond that. You will be asked to evaluate your own views of yourself, as well as your friends’ views of you, and what is important to you, in simple Least-to-Most and True and False formats. As you move forward with the test, you will notice a percentage completed bar on each single page of the test. That way you know where you are at and how far from the completion of the test you are at each given point. Don’t have time to complete the test? Save your answers and go back to it at a later time. Once the test is completed the results are available to you right away. You get a complete personality report with definitions for each category, as well as one sentence summaries, the words that describe you, explanation of how you interact with people and how people may react whether it is positively or negatively towards your behavior in different situations. The best thing about the test is that it is pretty accurate. Understanding your own personal traits as well as your behavior patterns and how other people react to you is a great thing to know even if you are not looking for a mate right now. It helps you not only in your dating life and your relationship with your mate, but also in your professional endeavor and in general everyday life.

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